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Fishing Boat (STELFISH1400)

Maximum favorable combination of the competent cost and high operational characteristics.

The Fishing boat, project SF1400 is designed and constructed for a variety of fishing operations, and we can also accommodate special applications should such be desirable by the Customer.

The Fishing vessel is equipped to operate as:

  • Trawler
  • Seine
  • Liner
  • Traps
  • Combination of Pleasure and Fishing

Main Characteristics:

  • Length LOA, m 14,90
  • Length between perpendicular, m 13,45
  • Width max, m 5,00
  • Air draught on middle, m 2
  • Draught, m 1,2
  • Displacement, t 35
  • Carrying capacity, t (not less) 5t /7, 5 cub. m
  • Crew, men 2
  • Berths 6
  • Endurance by fuel, hour (not less) 192

The accommodation contains cabin with 6 berths, pantry with gas-cooking, bathroom with WC, washstand, and shower.Cargo hold with capacity 10 cub.m is a thermo-insulated. The hull construction is fully welded with transverse framing. The steel generally used is of 235Mpa category.

The hull is divided in several watertight sections or subdivisions to achieve permeability and stability in accordance with DNV regulations.

Rudder, Steering gear, Gyro Compass, Magnetic Compass are arranged to be maneuvered and controlled by an autopilot arrangement and by manual operation. Other navigation – and communication equipment and Fish Finding Equipment will be provided in accordance with an agreement with the Customer. Power installation disposes in middle part of boat and compose ME (main engine), driving a fixed-pitch propeller- screw and auxiliary systems. Control of ME is performed by the remote system from wheelhouse. ME is remotely controlled on and monitored by automatic instruments including automatic start –stop of the engine and its rotation speed and direction. ME - YD50775/1 PERKINS SABRE M215C - 6 cylinder heat exchanger cooled turbocharged and intercooled marine propulsion engine capable of developing 215 hp @ 2500 rpm. Typical Fuel Consumption: 7.13 US gal/hr.