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S&P; brokerage
Grani Ltd S&P; brokerage: An important activity of our company is Sale and Purchase Department which is actively involved in the selling of second hand vessels belonging to Shipowners and acquiring replacement vessels to suit their needs.

We maintain a widespread regional and international network of brokers worldwide and have strong relations with Direct/Exclusive owners. Our main aim is to create a more cohesive working environment with our clients to find out exactly what they are looking for and to what extent we can be of service to them.

Grani Ltd as Buyer of overproduction, stocks, returned or damaged goods Grani Ltd receives all types of goods from liquidators, surveyors, banks and leasing companies within the EU.The goods are being controlled, repaired or repacked in Odessa, for the Ukrainian and Russian market. All different consumer goods (A B or C) are being distributed within their network to the different whole and retailers in those countries

Grani Ltd as Purchase & Sales office for their partners in CIS countries: The head office in Odessa has created a distribution network to supply different Industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, tank containers, spare parts and machinery. The different inquiries/offers are being centralized in Odessa, whereas Grani Ltd act as purchase & sales office for their different partners and clients.

Grani Ltd as Handling office for distressed cargoes in Black sea. Solving problems related to landed, abandoned and damaged cargoes in the Back Sea ports. Grani Ltd is working closely together with P&I and container lines to find solutions for the damaged, abandoned and rejected cargoes in the different Black Sea ports.