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Ship Design
Grani-Design group:Depending on project requirements we employ on contract basis any required specialists with great experience over last 30 years here in Ukraine.

Usually our team consists of designers with the experience of work from 10 up to 35 years. Total amount of the team ususlly about 15 persons. Required quantity of designers can be involved in case of extended scope of works.Structurally such team is divided into groups: group of the general designing, hull group, mechanical group, group of ship systems and devices, group of the equipment of ships, group of electric equipment and automation of ships, group of ship design.

Different range of software is used: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, 3dmax, the license original program "Dejmos“ is used for detail drawings and cutting, however, TRIBON system is available and the majority of employees have the designing experience in TRIBON system, including mechanics and system analysts.

Types of Carried Works

  • Contract offer on vessel construction
  • Outline sketches
  • Classification projects
  • Detailed designs, including detailed design of vessel constructions and the program on metal cutting
  • Detailed designs
  • Ship operational documentation
  • Design of ships re-equipment (modernization)
  • Design of ships reclassification
  • Staging projects of ships and floating objects
  • Design project, including interiors of internal premises and external design of a vessel
  • Technical support of a vessel construction
  • Consultations concerning construction, purchases and sales of vessels
  • Calculations of the vessel construction cost price
  • On-site building support and supervision

Types OF Designed Vessels

  • The contract offer on vessel construction
  • Dry-cargo ships
  • Tank vessels
  • Vessels of Ro-RO type
  • Tow boats
  • Supply ships
  • Research ships and ecological safety boats
  • Oil-spill boats
  • Fishing ship
  • Yacht conversion project
  • Crewboat with 16 and 25 pax capacity