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Ship Building
We would like to propose our company as your shipbuilding partner here in Ukraine. We would be able to assist your company with the full range of services related to the building of both ships and special marine equipment..

Whether its a new design, a feasibility study or a conversion - Grani Ltd has the experience, contacts and ability to offer their clients everything they need from initial concept to final construction.

Should you choose to request our assistant in building of ships, hulls, or machines, you will save time and money needed for collecting relevant information to single out proper yards, for establishing of contacts, traveling for inspection of selected Ukrainian yards, arrangement of meetings and, ultimately, for agent follow-up of the building process including technical surveillance.

Our proposal would to cooperate with your company for the purpose of minimize the customers risks by means of rendering qualified help in all questions, connected with the order, starting from selection of proper shipbuilding yard through follow up of the building process till the full completion and delivery to the Client. We can provide information about the market in Ukraine, specialties of national legislation, particular features of doing business here, ways of constructive and effective problem solving. We can combine agent and business consultant in one person, acting in the interests of the Client during the whole process.

Excellent knowledge of the ins and outs of the Ukrainian shipbuilding market, close relationship with industry leaders and experience gained enable our team to provide top level service to our Clients.

Ukraine is well known for the long tradition of ship- and machine building at high quality standard. Our position in the local market, will secure your company the best advantages obtainable, it will minimize your exposure and secure your company a full and complete control from the launching till the closing of any such projects.