Patrol boat A8 - Efficiency & OptimalityUnder Development

Purpose-built design:

The boat is designed to perform multi-mission patrol duties as well as for call missions in the coastal area, harbors and on inland waterways. Modern two outboard engines (Yamaha 2 x 100 hp) give shallow draft and the best maneuverability. Their cost-effectiveness makes the “A8” ultimate and reliable patrol/research boat for offshore environmental, territorial protection, coastal policing. “A8” will be the multi-mission boat capable of performing patrolling duties in coastal waters.

The possible missions may include:

  • surveillance of economic (fishing) zone
  • offshore environmental patrolling
  • fishery surveillance and protection tasks
  • customs functions
  • coastal policing
  • search and rescue

Climatic conditions and Classification: The boat can operate performing her designation both day and night at ambient temperature: minimal – 10oC (14F), max +45oC (113F), humidity up to 90% and outboard water temperature up to 32oC (90F). The “A8” is designed and to be build under Shipping Register of Ukraine classification norms.

Principal particulars:

  • Length overall – 7, 50 m (24,61’)
  • Beam – 2, 30 m (7,55’)
  • Draft – 0.55 / 0,95 / 1,12 m
  • Displacement – 1,7 t
  • Fuel capacity – 0, 25 t
  • Crew/passengers – 14 pers. (total)
  • Service speed – 25 kn


Speed, using 2x100 h.p. outboard motors, with hull cleaned from biofouling, on the measured mile – not less than 25 knots.


Construction, materials and strength of the hull correspond to the destination and exploitation conditions of yacht and boats, and satisfy the requirements of Shipping Register of Ukraine. Material of the main hull, deck, deck-house, cockpit, foundations and seatings of mechanisms and equipment – aluminum-magnesium alloy AMG61. Material of hull and superstructure – light alloy AMG 61.

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