Project SF870-15

Small Fishing Boat (STEELFISH 870 -15)

Extremely inexpensive and reliable fishing boat for professionals and amateurs.

The boat is designed for operation in passive fishing with the following main functions:

  • Operation with stationary net and drift-nets, trap nets and traps
  • As tender vessel for service stationary net
  • Handling of catch
  • Coastal / transportation operation

Region and operating conditions – offshore coastal zone of sea, bays, rivers and lakes areas in moderate latitude at navigating period at sea state up to 1,2 m and wind force up to 6 points with the distance to cover up to 5 miles. The catcher launch is designed according to the Rules of classification and construction of small ships of the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

Main description:

  • LOA – 15,00 m
  • Beam – 4,00 m
  • Depth – 1,30 m
  • Draft – 0,60 m
  • Light displacement – 14,5 t
  • Carrying capacity – 4 t
  • Service Speed – 8,0 knots
  • Fuel capacity – 1200 liters
  • Inboard Main Engine – diesel 120 HP (Different options available)
  • Diesel generator 6 kW
  • Nav. Crew - 2
  • Fishing team – 4
  • Endurance - 3 days
  • Hull – steel
  • Working deck – 10 sq.m
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