Steelfish - SF2570

The vessel is intended for trawl and long-line fishing in offshore zone of seas and ocean, other types of catching and transportation. The vessel is supplied as a platform for installation of different kind of fishing equipment. Depending on type of equipment the vessel could destine for:

  • Trawler
  • Seine
  • Available modification for small supply boat
  • Cargo transportation & Support vessel

Region and condition of operation:

Norms: Ukrainian Register of Shipping - fishing vessels.

Offshore zones of seas, bays, rivers and lakes at navigation period at sea state up to 2 m and wind force up to 6 points with the distance to refuge up to 20 miles.

A Fishing vessel SF2570 is designed in accordance with classification Regulations and Rules for newbuilding of fishing vessels of URS under supervision of Ukrainian Register of Shipping.

Main measurements and stores:

  • Length LOA, m 25, 70
  • Length between perpendicular, m 22, 80
  • Width max, m 8, 00
  • Amidships depth (up to BP), m
  • Sediment on a midship till loadline, m 3, 90 / 2, 80
  • Displacement, t (abt) 280
  • Cargo carrying capacity, t (not less) 60t / 128cub. m
  • Crew, (navigation) 3
  • Berths (total) 10
  • Endurance by fuel, hours (not less) 192 (8 days)
  • Operational speed (not less): 10, 5 +/- 0, 5 knot
  • Proposed Main engine: Volvo Penta D16MH 750 HP – different options available

Same hull available for supply type work vessel.

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