Ship Design

Types of Carried Works

  • The contract offer on vessel construction
  • The outline sketches
  • The classification projects
  • Detailed designs, including detailed design of vessel constructions and the program on metal cut
  • Detailed designs
  • Ship operational documentation
  • Design of ships re-equipment (modernization)
  • Design of ships reclassification
  • Staging projects of ships and floating objects
  • Design project, including interiors of internal premises and external design of a vessel
  • Technical support of a vessel construction<l/i>
  • Consultations concerning construction, purchases and sales of vessels
  • Calculations of the vessel construction cost price
  • On-site building support and supervision

Types OF Designed Vessels

  • Dry-cargo ships
  • Tank vessels
  • Vessels of Ro-RO type
  • Tow boats
  • Supply ships
  • Research ships and ecological safety boats
  • Oil-spill boats
  • Diving support vessels
  • Fishing ship
  • Yacht conversion project
  • Crewboat with 16 and 25 pax capacity

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Brokerage S&P

The important activity of our company is Sale and Purchase Department which is actively involved in the selling of second hand vessels belonging to Shipowners and acquiring replacement vessels to suit their needs.

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Chartering services

The Chartering Department is dealing with a variety of principals (Charterers, Owners, Operators), who have throughout the years strengthened our standing in both Ukrainian and International shipping markets and have contributed into enhancing Grani to a high level of acknowledgement from a multitude of clients around the world.

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Secondary market sell

Grani Ltd as Buyer of overproduction, stocks, returned or damaged goods Grani Ltd receives all types of goods from liquidators, surveyors, banks and leasing companies within the EU.The goods are been controlled, repaired or repacked in Odessa, for the Ukrainian and Russian market.All different consumer goods (A B or C) are been distributed within their network to the different whole and retailers in those countries

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International Network

Grani Ltd as Purchase & Sales office for their partners in CIS countries: The head office in Odessa has created a distribution network to supply different Industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, tank containers, spare parts and machinery. The different inquiries/offers are been centralised in Odessa, whereas Grani Ltd act as purchase & sales office for their different partners and clients.

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Handling services

Grani Ltd as Handling office for distressed cargoes in Black sea. Solving problems related with over landed, abandoned and damaged cargoes in the Back Sea ports. Grani Ltd is working closely together with P&I and container lines to find solutions for the damaged, abandoned and rejected cargoes in the different Black Sea ports.

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Vessel Appraisals

In addition to acting as a broker for the buying and selling of vessels, Grani Ltd appraises ships for owners and operators, insurance companies, attorneys, leasing companies and we work closely with the leading ship finance banks and financial institutions who closely monitor their shipping portfolios.

Our database of current and historical sales information and our intimate knowledge of the value of a wide variety of vessel types is an invaluable resource to our clients. We have the ability to customize the evaluation type to match the particular requirements of our clients. We perform the following types of valuations: current market value basis charter free delivery, current market value including charter employment, historic values (a client may need a value from a specific date in the past), and residual values.

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Market analyses

Grani Ltd performs bespoke maritime research and industry studies on request to address our clients' needs. We have performed detailed studies on both the dry and wet markets as well as comprehensive industry studies on specific market segments. Our approach is to focus our study to meet our client's needs and goals. This requires our distilling voluminous in-house data and external data sources into studies that address and help our clients in assessing varied business opportunities.

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Protection Agency

Grani Ltd – act as your protection agency here in Ukraine in order to secure various Shipowners ricks, including legal advisors, engineering consulting, protection actions.

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Ship management

Grani Ltd is ship-management company with years of experience providing different fleet management to clients worldwide.

Our services include ship management for dry-bulk, tanker, passenger and cruise ship companies around the globe.

In addition to ship management we also offer oil tanker single to double hull conversions including planning and licensing paperwork and ship improvements to reduce running costs.

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Your Trustable Partner in the Marine World

As your shipbuilding partner here in Ukraine, We would be able to assist your company with the full range of services related to the building of both ships and special marine equipment, And offers integrated solution for custom designing and building of different work boats, work catamarans, patrol crafts, tugboats, barges, And other types of work fleet.